PREMIUM Bicycle chain oil, 400 ml

Item number GRZ001-400

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The fine art of chain oil. Frame, fork, handlebar, chain and Co. A beautiful bicycle is a composition of thousands of parts.It is a creation of art that deserves the best care and maintenance. 

With the greaze chain oil we complete these creations of art and ensure the durability and of your bike. This chain oil combines top craftsmanship and outstanding design - like a good painting. A combination that is unique on the market. 

This spray can looks too good to simply leave it in the cupboard with the rest of your equipment. It wants to be seen - and it has to be.

The avant-garde of chain oil

With the innovative spray head, the spray tube can be folded up effortlessly. You can also spray sideways and overhead without any problems. The special 'Pure Adhesive Oil' in the formula makes our premium oil adhere even better to the chain, making it much more durable and resistant. Cyclists and frequent riders should choose the "state of the art" chain oil.

The Pure Adhesive Oil provides improved adhesion, longer durability and better lubrication.

Technical Data

Composition 40 % Butane/Propane, 60% Chain oil mixture (25% Pure Adhesive Oil)
Scope of delivery Can, top, Spray tube


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